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The Big Six


The heartbeat of any organization is what you do for your cause. KA6 helps you make your program even stronger.

Board Development & Management

The best nonprofits have the best boards. We show you how to have a great board-and keep it.


KA6 is about raising money. We’ve done it and we’ll show you how to do it.

Marketing and Communications

You are a brand…KA6 helps you build a stronger brand that makes you better known and helps you raise more money.

Operations and Financial Management

How you operate says a lot about you and helps donors and the public have confidence in you.

Strategic Action Planning

KA6 will help you write a plan that will work and actually be followed.

"If you are looking for lots of meetings, lots of paper and long reports, KA6 isn’t the firm to work with. KA6’s simplified system provides everything you need without all the extra work.”

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About KA6

KA6 only works with two or three clients at a time. We do not market, we do not advertise, we do not want to be bigger or have more clients. Our goal at KA6 is to provide single-minded, comprehensive services to a limited number of organizations and in so doing make them more effective providers of service to their constituents.

When you hire KA6 you get Kurt Aschermann and Kurt Aschermann only. You don’t pay for extra staff, administrative costs, or all the other things larger consulting firms bundle into your fee. You pay for Kurt.

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Latest News

Off to new things

I have been appointed as Lay Pastoral Leader to Christ Church, an Episcopal Church in Lucketts (leesburg) Virginia effective April 1.  As a result I will be doing a limited amount of consulting and no posting on this site.  Please call me or email if you need something.  Thanks for your support of Ka6consulting. Kurt


  • Kurt Aschermann is one of America's most brilliant non-profit strategists. If you're interested in maintaining the status quo, then you should probably look elsewhere. But if you are seeking creative and enduring partnerships that will challenge your thinking and change the game for your organization for the long-term, then don't miss the opportunity to learn from Kurt. He has the heart of a coach and the patience and caring of a mentor. Kurt is a generous teacher who delights in the success of others. I owe much of my professional success to the lessons I learned directly from observing and working with him to benefit millions of kids.
    Jennifer L. Sirangelo
    President & CEO
    National 4-H Council
  • Kurt’s subject matter expertise, relationships and past experiences allows for a unique and invaluable view on the intersection point on maximizing a for-profit and non-profit partnership. We initially engaged Kurt to assist us on facilitating a key partnership session with our team and a non-profit. Since then he has become a key extension of our team. First, let me share more about my initial engagement in which Kurt led our partnership planning day. (more…)
    Stacey Ullrich
    Head of Global Philanthropy
    Under Armour
  • Kurt Aschermann created many of the non-profit cause-related marketing strategies that today are commonly seen across the country. Prior to Kurt's artistic and substantive touch, the non-profit was stuck with psa's running at 3am, with no assessment of brand value nor consideration of how to best use that brand. Today, with the charitable giving world quite different than it was 20 years ago, these tools are more critical than ever.

    Steve Salem
    Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation